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Know Your Breed: General | Richardson, TX | TX Italian Greyhound Rescue Inc.

by Nomi Berger

KNOW Italian Greyhounds by fully educating yourself BEFORE making a commitment.

KNOW that IGs can be traced back about 2,000 years. IGs gained popularity in

southern Europe during the Middle Ages, becoming favored companions of royalty and

aristocrats, particularly in Italy. Besides being cherished lap dogs, they were also known

for their speed, endurance, and determination to hunt small game.

KNOW that IGs are elegant, entrancing, graceful and gentle, but they are also spirited,

sprightly, mischievous, unpredictable and sometimes stubborn. They can be the most

devoted and loving of companions.

KNOW that IGs are small dogs with large personalities! IGs are extremely loving and

attach themselves to their owners, and have earned the nickname “Velcro Dogs”. With

their sweet and sensitive nature, they exist to love and be loved. For them, this means

being with their people as much as possible. When not in your lap, look for them by

your side, at (or under) your feet, or beneath the blanket of your bed. They will

smother you with hugs and kisses and want to be in the middle of everything you do.

KNOW that because of their intense bond with their people younger IGs do not tolerate

long periods of separation well. If not awarded with the love and attention they feel

they deserve, they can become withdrawn, anxious, bored and destructive. Therefore,

more mature IGs make a better match for owners who work long hours outside the

home or have an active social life. Some older dogs are perfectly content being left on

their own, either playing by themselves or simply chilling, until your return.

KNOW that IGs are playful, athletic and social. IGs love walks, playing chase in a

secured area, and a few even play fetch! Others enjoy playing tug or wrestling with a

toy. Most IGs get along great with people, other IGs, cats and children. IGs can be

vocal dogs. They like to talk to (bark at) their people, squirrels, rabbits and birds.

However, they don’t typically yip just to hear themselves talk. If they are barking it is

because they are alerting to something.

KNOW that IGs love children, but like all dogs, they must be properly introduced.

Children must be taught to be gentle and respectful because IGs do NOT enjoy rough-

housing or aggressive handling. KNOW too, that your IG could be in competition for the

lap time and attention of a newborn. People who are planning a family should give this

serious consideration before adopting this unique breed.

KNOW that when choosing an IG, you must choose wisely. By being a fully informed

owner, you are safeguarding them from ever being surrendered to rescue or a shelter.

KNOW that, most of all TIGR is always available to help!

Artiles by Nomi Berger. Nomi is the best selling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction and two volumes of poetry. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her adopted Maltese, Mini, and volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA.

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