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Adopt | Richardson, TX | TX Italian Greyhound Rescue Inc.



Thank you for your interest in adopting an Italian Greyhound (IG). IGs make wonderful companion pets and will give you many years of love and devotion. This application has been designed to evaluate potential adopters and to ensure that each person who adopts an IG is not only aware of the responsibility, but also to address the compatibility of the home in which each IG is placed.  All applicants will have their personal and vet references checked, a phone interview and a home visit performed before an adoption can take place.

Note: All potential adopters or applicants must be 21 years of age to adopt an Italian Greyhound from TIGR.

We have worked in IG adoption for many years and have seen many happy endings and unfortunately we have also seen a few sad ones. We have only the best interest of the IG in mind. Before signing this agreement, please know that IGs can live 12 to 15+ years, making this a serious, long-term commitment. It is very traumatic for a dog to be returned by its family once it has settled into its new home, and pets should NEVER be considered dispensable. Furthermore, note that the IG is not for everyone. These dogs rely on us to place them into appropriate, loving, responsible homes. All adults in your household must agree to this adoption and sign the application.


There is a non-refundable adoption fee of $500 for Sighthounds 6 months of age through 1 year of age, $450 for Sighthounds 1 year of age through 2 years of age, $425 for Sighthounds 3 years of age through 6 years of age $375 for Sighthounds 7 years of age through 9 years of age and $300 for Sighthounds 10 years +.  Our Whippets and Salukis that have come from overseas adoption fees are $650 at any age.

The adoption fee includes:

Vaccinations (DHPP & Rabies)
Heartworm and Fecal test
Dental cleaning and extractions if needed
A martingale collar, leash, and TIGR tag

Wrought iron fences and balconies with spacing over 1 1/2 inches wide (as well as hog wire fencing) will require 36 inches of wire mesh fencing material to be added to cover the lower portion of current fence for consideration of adopting.


For safety reasons, we do not allow homes with unsupervised dog doors.


Submit an application by clicking "Apply for Adoption" below.


If you would rather have us email an application to you please let us know.




Yes, we do call both personal references as well as your veterinarian and ask questions. 


If you are not comfortable with this or any other part of our adoption process, please go to your local shelter and adopt a dog that would otherwise be euthanized.



A TIGR representative will call you to discuss your application and any questions. 


TIGR’s goal is to match the best dog with the best FOREVER home.





While on occasion we will consider out of state adoptions, we always encourage local adoptions or neighboring state adoptions first as it is easier on the human as well as the potential pet.  We do not adopt out of the USA at all.


TIGR's adoption process requires all potential adopters to have a phone and a home interview. Home visits sometimes are impossible for us when we have out of state applicants, which is absolutely required for adoption.


TIGR does let the foster home have a part in the decision making process as well (as they know the foster dog best) and some volunteers are not comfortable sending their dogs out of state.

TIGR does not ship/transport/fly any of our foster dogs, so potential adopters are required to come to Texas to meet the dog (two meetings) to see if it is match as well as complete the adoption process.


It is our goal to make sure that each and every dog be matched with the appropriate forever home which is why each step of our adoption process is important.  While on occasion there are returns to TIGR, the adopted dog must always come back to TIGR and would have to be returned to Texas.


We try to make the best possible match to ensure a successful adoption.  Once your application is approved, In preparation for your rescue’s arrival, you can: Purchase a good quality dog food, RuffWear harness, bowls, safe toys, and a crate.

It is also a good idea to select a veterinarian prior to your dog’s arrival. Although the dog has been vetted, we do require purchasing heartworm prevention and taking your new dog to your veterinarian within 21 days of adoption.

TIGR is always available to answer questions or concerns.

We will schedule a home visit that is convenient for the TIGR volunteer and the applicant.  Any safety concerns will be addressed at this time.

All members of the household must be present at the time of the home visit.



Once your application has been approved, you may begin meeting dog(s). 


You and the foster parents will connect and they will provide information about their foster dog(s). 


All meetings will be scheduled between the two of you.  If the first visit goes GREYT, then the second visit can be to adopt

the dog(s).


TIGR realizes that the process can be lengthy, however it is effective!  There are many IG’s and Whippets in loving forever homes.  The average lifespan for IG’s and Whippets is 15+ years. This is a long term commitment.


Please note:  Just because you fall in love with one particular IG/Whippet doesn’t always mean that it is the right dog for you and/or your family.  TIGR volunteers are here to help you with this process and to educate you on each individual IG/Whippet.

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